Coach Rachel Smith

Who is she?
Growing up in Maryland, Coach Rachel was a tomboy obsessed with Mia Hamm and dreamed of playing sports for the rest of her life. She was a part of a storied tradition of success in the high school lacrosse world playing for Mt. Hebron High School, and Hero’s Lacrosse Club and aspired to play defense like Team USA/UNCE defender Amber Falcone (now Amber Falcone McKenzie).  Her big sister was a huge influence on her athletic and academic career, fueling her competitiveness and wanting to do more. University of Florida was her home for four years, where she started something new and special that she will never forget – Go Gators #flax. She now calls herself a coach, fiancé, aunt, sister, daughter, OrangeTheory lover and French fry enthusiast. Coach currently resides with her fiancé, Ty, in Lancaster PA.

Why does she do this for a living?
Lacrosse has been her number one passion since she joined recreation league in Howard County, MD at five years old. The last 23 years has been a roller coaster with the game. Amazing coaches growing up who pushed her to where she wanted to go and amazing teammates with so many found memories are two of the reasons why lacrosse is it. Coach Jeannette Ireland who ironically was her field hockey coach is still a mentor for her to this day. Coach Ireland just concluded her thirtieth year of coaching for her alma mater and has impacted thousands of lives. Injuries plagued coach in college, which lead to medical hardship and soul searching to learn what she wanted from life. After graduating, she found the passion for lacrosse again and joy in helping others succeed in the game and have meaningful experiences.

What she wants?
To challenge you to be the best you can be.
To win because of culture with graduation rates, friendships and championships.
To show her team what it’s like to play at a Final Four.