Desales University - From a to z

Bulldogs are ethically minded, career focused and academically strong. 95% success rate after graduation helps students put their degree to work.

What DeSales offers?

  • National recognition – Our programs are being noticed. Nursing has a NCLEX first-time pass rate of over 96%. Our physicians assistant program is ranked #46 (tied) in the nation under some of the most prestigious universities.
  • Hands on experience – DeSales gives their students hands on experience in their field of study during their sophomore year. They get to know early if this career suits them well.
  • Small class sizes – the average class size is 20 and this means the student really can get to know their professor, they are not just a number.
  • Community service – DeSales has a passion for giving back, whether that be to the Lehigh Valley or service trips to India and Haiti. There is a lot of ways
  • Career Development Center – the dedicated staff helps all students learn how to put together the best resume, interview well and find the best internship for your major and location.
  • The Division III experience – the ability to be involved on campus, have a job, be a part of the major in which you would want a career in one day, and be a part of a team.

Student First, Athlete Second.

Some of our most popular majors within athletics:

  • Physicians Assistant
  • Nursing
  • Sports and Exercise Physiology
  • Physcial Therapy
  • Biology (or pre-med track)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology (Forensic Psychology)
  • Education
  • Business
  • Finance and Accounting

What’s new?

  • Homeland Security
    • Fast track to the FBI
  • Neuroscience
    • Research the brain and behavior related